Rokugo Kamakura ° snow hut festival°ň
°°and Takeuchi ° bamboo fight festival)

The Takeuchi festival has been popular for a long time as a fire festival where town°«s people pray for a good harvest in a series of Lunar New Year festivals. It is a wild festival where people fight by hitting each other with long bamboo poles. In the night of February15, town°«s people are divided into two groups, the North and South and then fight. It is believed that if the North wins, a good harvest of rice is promised, and if the South wins, the price of rice will go up.


Funekko Nagashi ° bamboo leaf boat festival)

In August Children celebrate Funekko Nagashi by throwing bamboo leaf boats decorated with bamboos and strips of papers into the Oisedo River. It is a 300 year old observance of the Tanabata Star Festival.


Simizu Matsuri ° Spring Water Festival)

In Shimizu Matsuri, men carry the portable sacred sake cask and march through the town while people on the streets douse them with buckets of water. Also called °»Dousing Sacred Sake Cask Festival°…, this festival is unique to Rokugo, and is one of the highlights of the summer.


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